Fully Baking this Blog

Brent makes a plea for “fully baking your blog.” Another way to put it in the Mac community is to make sure your website can stand up to being “Fireballed” (verb) – when John Gruber links to your post and brings a deluge of traffic onto your website, bringing it crashing down like a house of dynamically generated cards.

I used to use Movable Type Рwhich was nice but made me endure long generation times.  Hopefully that has improved since then.

Now I’ve installed WP-SuperCache on this blog as well as my company Happy Apps Blog (which are both powered by self-hosted WordPress). I think that’s probably the best compromise for self-hosted blogs without rolling your own blog software. It also allows you to continue using native clients like MarsEdit.

For some other sites that I host, like NSCoderNightDC, iPad DC and iPhoneDevCampDC that don’t change often, I think static files are indeed the best.