Fixing SASL For Colloquy When You Are Using A MiFi

I got a MiFi the other day.  It has performed great so far, with the exception of IRC.  Why use IRC you say?  Well, here in the DC area, we have an active Mac, iPhone and iPad programmer group called NSCoderNightDC and when we’re not meeting weekly, we like to meet online.

However, on my new MiFi, I kept getting a strange error when firing up Colloquy: “Notice — You need to identify via SASL to use this server”.  There’s a ticket for that: #2590 Sasl Support? There’s a fix already, but not in anything released.  The latest nightly is from late last year.  But hey, that’s the beauty of open source!  Just download, compile and go.  So that’s exactly what I did and what you can do too if you run into this problem.  Here’s three easy steps:

1. Download the source

I like to use git.  Colloquy uses Subversion.  Git-SVN to the rescue:

git-svn clone -s colloquy

The “-s” is to make it use the “standard” format of svn, which has trunk, branches, tags.  My friends at Viget have written up more info about git-svn that I use as a reference.

2. Download the latest F-Script

3. Copy FScript.framework into ~/Library/Frameworks

4. Open up the “Old” Colloquy project

open Colloquy\ \(Old\).xcodeproj/

I tried all the other projects and while they built successfully for me, they didn’t seem to work and the main menu was not fleshed out.

5. Build

This will probably take a while.  Note that I used Xcode 3 to build.

6. Run and enjoy your SASL-enabled, MiFi-compatible, Colloquy hand-built from source.

Note that you will probably be asked to update to a “newer” build.  Don’t do it and overwrite your hard work.

BTW if you’ve tried all these steps and still can’t get it to build from source, you can download my latest build of Colloquy that is SASL-enabled and MiFi-compatible.

UPDATE: @rudemateo tried this at NSCoderNightDC while on my MiFi and it turns out you need to register your nick and supply it in the Connection info or else you get that SASL error still. He did it by getting the Colloquy iPhone app, then he was able to log in with the build above on his Mac.  Also, @atomicbird has a 3G MiFi that isn’t affected, so perhaps it is isolated to Verizon’s 4G LTE network.