What I wish I knew when I first attended WWDC

I’ve been attending WWDC since 2005.  This year will be my seventh WWDC in a row.  Woohoo!

Jeff Biggus and I at WWDC 2005

So I was thinking that if I was able to go back in time in a flux capacitor-powered DeLorean to June 5, 2005 (yes I sometimes daydream) and give myself some advice on the eve of WWDC, then here’s what I’d tell myself:

0 Sell everything you have and invest it in Apple stock. It’s gonna go up 800%! Actually, save some of that money for the Intel Macs that are going to come out because they’re going to basically be twice as fast for programming as your current PowerBook G4.

1 Go to the labs. Specifically, go to the Performance Labs and ask for a tutorial on how to spot slow areas in your app and detect memory leaks in Shark.  You’re going to do this in 2006, so better to learn this stuff earlier.Also take those sketches of Webnote you have and run them by the UI Design Lab.Oh and don’t even bother asking about writing a Safari Plug-in.  That won’t come out until 2010.

2 Good idea to write down the questions that you have. That’ll help you with figuring out what to focus on and which sessions/labs to go to.Take notes and don’t be afraid to ask questions at the end.

3 Shut off all your shared services and put up the firewall. Bonjour iChat isn’t going to work well at all with so many people and you don’t want to accidentally leak your data.  Sharing your iTunes might be nice but people aren’t going to be listening to music in sessions anyways.

4 Keep in touch with the people you meet. So get their business cards and try to keep the conversations that started at WWDC going.  The community will only get bigger and it’ll be harder to keep track of people.  See there’s this thing called the iPhone that’s going to come out…

If you really feel like re-living the WWDC 2005 experience, check out the June 2005 archives.

Stay tuned for some more blogging from WWDC 2011…

Oh and if you are in the Washington DC metropolitan area, consider attending a local iOS conference I’m organizing on August 13th: iOSDevCampDC 2011.