What would you take in an earthquake?

I was at a co-working space in Herndon, getting ready to type and I noticed the external 20″ monitor that I was connected to was rocking a bit.  I steadied it with my hand and casually asked my office mates: “can you guys feel that?”  I thought perhaps someone was moving something super heavy upstairs.

Then the shaking got stronger and all I can remember is that I shut my MacBook Pro, ripped out the DisplayPort connector, grabbed it like a baby/football and then sprinted out the door just a few yards away…out across the sidewalk, across the street and to the other side of the parking lot.

I felt a bit more shaking while in the parking lot and then all was calm.  It seemed surreal and then later we found out via USGS that there was a roughly 6.0 magnitude earthquake just 90 miles south of where we were!

In retrospect, it seems odd that I took the time to grab my laptop.  If I was at home, my wife and I would’ve just grabbed our kids and headed out away from any buildings.  I always heard that you should just drop and leave everything.  Maybe I need to work on my backup strategy so I feel more secure in leaving my laptop in an emergency.