2016 Stats

Wow did I really not blog in 2016? I guess I was busy. Well because I like metrics, just wanted to update them here for the record.

My StackOverflow rep went from 8,055 to 10,455. That is especially cool because it gave me access to moderator tools. I’m effectively a StackOverflow Mod! Every so often, I go in and review questions. I feel like it is a developer’s way of doing community service.

Twitter followers went from 1,588 to 1,772. That’s like a new follower every other day. I think sometimes I get into a groove with my family and just get out all my extraversion with my wife and kids. I do want to keep sharing though, which is part of why I’m starting to blog again. When I share, I think I learn and I also help others. More of that community service mentality.

Well those are all the stats for now. I love numbers. Did I mention I’m level 288 in Overwatch?

Hello 2017!

I moved this blog from Linode to Digital Ocean this weekend, using a combination of GitHub, Ansible and good old fashioned sysadmin (me) sitting in front of a terminal. I also upped my security game, as you’ll notice by the nice https:// in the URL and lock in your browser. I’ll have more details later, but it has me feeling very in control of my personal digital destiny.

Which makes me want to blog. So Hello 2017! Expect to see more posts here in the near future.