I’m at RubyConf 2007

RubyConf 2007 is in Charlotte, NC this year. I’ve never been here before but its within driving distance from me. Its got a nice sized downtown with tall buildings. Sort of reminds me of a mini New York City in the south.

If you’re going to be at RubyConf as well, feel free to say hi – you can see my picture over at the Streamlined team page. Speaking of the Streamlined team, I know Justin, Stu, and Matthew will be there as well.

Rails 1.2.4 – getting ready for Rails 2.0

Rails 1.2.4 came out today. The big thing here in my opinion is that it helps you get ready for Rails 2.0, since it includes more deprecations.

I had to fix a deprecation for pagination, which will be optional in 2.0. To fix it, I piston installed the classic_pagination plugin from the guys at errtheblog:

piston import svn://errtheblog.com/svn/plugins/classic_pagination vendor/plugins/classic_pagination

By the way, this also affects Streamlined, which uses pagination.

Ruby on RailsAnother thing in 1.2.4 is that REST URLs don’t use the semicolon “;” anymore, instead they just use the regular slash “/”. So instead of doing /comment/1;edit which always seemed a little weird, we’ll now use /comment/1/edit.

Also in 1.2.4 are security updates and “minor performance enhancements.”

I usually freeze Rails and I dug up my rails:refreeze rake task to do it, which does it all automatically. I’ll blog that soon. I wonder – is there a place where you share rake tasks? Is there a Rake-forge?

Automated CRUD Plugins BOF tonight at 8:30pm

We’ll be gathering together all the Rails folks who want better scaffolding, like Dave Thomas said he wanted last year, tonight at the Automated CRUD Plugins BOF – scaffolding and beyond. It’s at 8:30PM over in Room C122.

Lance and Rich from ActiveScaffold will be there. Matthew and I will be representing Streamlined. Hopefully we’ll have representative from Hobo, AutoAdmin, and Scaffolding Extensions. Anyone else who wants to contribute is welcome too. See you there!

Streamlined at RailsConf

My tutorials day turned into a Streamlined day. After going to most of the JRuby presentation, I ducked out to pair program some last minute Streamlined improvements with Justin Gehtland. Matthew Bass was with us too working on Streamlined to spruce it up a bit before the afternoon tutorial.

Justin invited Matthew and I to help present and so I took him up on the offer. I was supposed to go to the Rails Routing Roundup but I thought it’d be better to go the Streamlined tutorial to help out and get feedback from the community. Justin is a master presenter so there really wasn’t much to add, but I still had a lot of fun being up there and talking about Streamlined. Matthew also got up and showed some new features as well.

Oh, did I mention that I’m a Streamlined committer now? I’m waaaaaaay behind on my blogging. :) I’ve been doing some work with Relevance and all the projects I work on use Streamlined. So its gotten a lot of love lately since it helps form the foundation of those Rails projects.

We got some great feedback from the audience, which we were pretty happy about and I took a lot of notes. An open source framework like Streamlined really thrives when there’s an active community. From my perspective, what we need to do for 1.0 is to write more documentation, write more documentation, and write more documentation. Not just about the API, but also code examples, information about the team, and some more overview/history. Justin made some new screencasts but probably we could also benefit from having a long article or two as well.

You can already get the Streamlined tutorial slides. After that, please check out the Streamlined blog and the Streamlined wiki to learn more.